Ocean Services

Ocean services are the most used mode of importing and exporting cargo. It is a method of transporting large amount of goods using carrier ships and is also a cost efficient way to transport high quantity over large distances. Stevedoring and port storage are the main two of many services we offer at Shuwaikh and Shuaiba ports. Our ability to represent ocean liners has given us enough experience to deal with all requests promptly and efficiently. Our office in Kuwait assists many clients with an array of requests; from manning their cargo around the clock, to shifting it to a secure yard, our associates are available at all Kuwait ports. We have excellent services and reasonable overall cost coverage.

Our services include: FCL (Full Container Load): In here, you are liable to fill your goods in the entire container. This is most likely to be used when the goods are large.

LCL (Less Container Load): In here, you are not liable to use the entire container. The container can be used with another customer sharing the same destination. This mode is used when you have comparatively smaller goods to ship.

About the ports: Shuwaikh Port: It is the main commercial port in the State of Kuwait. It is located in the intermediate North East of Kuwait City. Shuwaikh navigation channel is about 8kms long. The port has 21 berths including 2 containers berth. Vessels sailing to and from the port pass through a Navigation Channel dredged inside Kuwait Bay. The channel is about 8kms long and its depth is maintained at 8.5M at minimum water tide level. The port vessels can receive vessels at 7.5M draft at zero tide and vessels of up to 9.5M draft at high tide.

Shuaiba Port: It is located 54kms South of Kuwait City and bounded by the Southern pier of Ahmadi port from the North and by Mina Abdallah from the South side. The port has 20 commercial and container berths, while oil pier berths operated by KNPC has 4 berths. Shuaiba Ports work on direct delivery basis.